Sunday, February 26, 2017


We're halfway through the semester now :) You are all doing a great job so keep up the good work!

For this week:
We'll be going into the world of color now so create 6 paintings to show us your understanding and application of color. 
Keep it simple and build off of what we've already demonstrated to you in the past 4 weeks.

Don't forgot to start off with a drawing then a graphic block-in. Depict in the darks, add mid-tones, sculpt out the forms, add more secondary colors, then details and accents, etc.
Look up multiple references for each painting! Learn to pull information from different sources. These paintings can start off as photo studies but try to redesign or adjust the shot so you can work on your design and composition skills.

Dropbox Link:

Week 4: Gabriel Tan

Week 4: Peyton Gee

Albert Lim

Nick Martinelli

Week 4 - Kadra Alvaro

Mahea Rodrigues: Week 4

MMarjoram - Week 4 HW

Alex Week 4

Luis Castañon HW4

Week 4: Danny Huynh

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Creating a great design isn't easy. For this week, take the time to really hone in on your designs and do proper research to ensure your design is functional. The function of the design will inevitably lead to the form itself.

Focus on the functionality and form of the port design
Show us a final design of your port (and ship). If you're still unsure then do a few iterations so we can help you solidify on a design. Most importantly, do good research and look for good reference so you can understand how your design would work realistically.

This time, try to look for specific reference that'll solve any questions you have rather than just because it looks "cool". That's what defines a good reference board.

For example: How is your ship powered? What type of era/world does this port belong in? What's the level of technology utilized? Is it influenced by a certain type of culture? etc. All these questions should be answered through the images you include in your reference board. A reference board doesn't have to compromise of just images. It could include short descriptions or keywords.

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