Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hey guys, great first class to start off the term! Welcome to Brainstorm if this is your first time here :) Looking forward to working with you all and seeing what you guys create.

This class is composed of 3 sections:
1.      3 weeks of Composition
2.      3 weeks of Value
3.      3 weeks of Color
      The last week will be your finals

First Week: Learn how to simplify our compositions

Homework: 8 solid black-and-white
Take 4 of them and pursue them further
2000pixel resolution
4 on each page

Dropbox Link:

By the way! Starting next class, I will be here about 30-45 minutes early and I will be starting in-class film studies on various films. It'll be basically the same exact kind of exercise we did today so come early and give it a shot :)
By the way, for those who have Facebook! Search me up, Kris Savathasuk and add me because we will also have a facebook group as another way of connecting and reaching out to each other :)

Things to check out!
Framed Ink
Composition of Outdoor Painting – Edgar Payne

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